Saturday, January 28, 2012

We had another wee glimpse of our baby yesterday at our 2nd scan.
For anyone that doesn't know, I am now 21 weeks pregnant!

It was amazing to see him/her swallowing, sticking his/her tongue out and kicking his/her legs rapidly. Funny, because I haven't felt any kicks at all and she/he was very active. I was told that the stronger your abdominals are, the less likely you are to feel any activity. Seems all the Ashtanga has created abs of steel that have built a strong wall for baby to kick against.

As you can see, baby is lying on his/her side, so it is hard to see much. It was, however an amazing experience and was beautiful to check in and to see that everything is well so far. We have decided not to see the sex of baby and this decision was confirmed by baby, as he/she didn't want us to see anyway!

I have returned to doing some practice which has been wonderful. I have slowed everything down and am practicing in a very remedial fashion. It is a lovely way to connect with baby and to keep my body moving. My energy is good at the moment, so I hope to keep going with practice for a long while yet.

There are exciting times ahead for Andy and myself and I have now firmed up most of my maternity cover. I will let you know the latestt when all is confirmed.

Ro xx

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A very merry Xmas!

I have had a very relaxed 3 weeks off, but am looking forward to getting a sense of routine back into my life.

The weather may have been totally miserable, but we have had a very happy festive period in the Loaning surrounded by family and our kitties.

I am excited to be going back to my classes, but also slightly apprehensive about resuming the Dunblane to Edinburgh commute. The winds have been so wild lately and the trains have randomly been cancelled. I just hope things settle down by next week.

We are heading North for the weekend. We have booked a wee hotel in Aviemore and I am looking forward to some long walks and a wee break from cooking!

I look forward to welcoming you all next week!

Ro xx