Friday, September 21, 2012

Maternity leave

I was supposed to return to teaching last A fortnight ago, but couldn't countenance the wrench from my baby. She is only 15 weeks and although I miss teaching and all of my students, I made the decision to stay at home with my bubba for another 3 months. 

Stacey has stepped into the breech and is now teaching Tuesdays at the studio
I am eternally grateful to her for Allowing me to extend my maternity bubble. She has been a wonderful support and her teaching has been gratefully received by all. 

Thank you to all my wonderful clients as well for your support during this time. Apologies, I will return in January as Molly will be 7 months and hopefully I will feel more ready to be without her for 7 hours. 

Molly continues to get bigger and more beautiful as time goes by. Her smiles warm me to the soul and she has become more Alert and very active... I watched with pride as she rolled onto her belly yesterday. Only a mother could show such excitement at her babies small progress! 

Every days blurs into the next as my sister, mum and the babies Do lunch, movies, baby massage and trips to the pool. What fun maternity leave is! 
We have also been spending more time at the caravan and Argyll is such a beautiful part of the world, we are trying to get as many trips in as possible before it gets too cold.

I hope to touch base with all of you soon!
Love from the West
Ro x