Monday, December 16, 2013

The autumn term at the Yoga Room is drawing to a close just in time! My batteries are low and I am in need of a recharge.
Molly and I are both going into hibernation mode as the temperature drops and the days get shorter. My regular yoga practice is suffering as i have less energy.

This is partly due to the fact that Molly is still getting up at 5.15am ready for action! I have also pulled something in my shoulder and neck. It is time for us to slow down methinks...

Molly let me know how she is feeling today as she fell asleep i the middle of the room whilst preparing for a Xmas party:

We will be staying at home today!

The Yoga Room is hosting charity classes this week, the schedule is:
Tuesday 19:00 Mysore style
Wednesday 19:45 Mysore style
Thursday 18:00 Led class
Hope to see you there!
Ro x

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

As the nights draw in.....

Ha, unbelievable that is has been 3 months since I last wrote in my blog. Life moves at such a rapid pace these days and I find myself forever chasing my tail.......

I have attempted to write this several times, but Molly has thwarted my efforts every time. She is tucked up in bed, meaning that I can catch up with all of my admin.
Molly is all consuming at the moment, but I am enjoying my time with her immeasurably. At 17 months old, she is turning into a wee person and her humour and personality are really starting to shine through.
We moved back to Dunblane 6 weeks ago and it has been a wonderful move for the family Morris. We are so enjoying being in the country and back in our wonderful house. We suddenly have so much space and Molly can run around and work off some of her endless energy.

So that the Yoga Room can continue to flourish, I spend 3 days a week in Edinburgh and love the contrast and buzz of city life. I am so blessed to have the best of both worlds.

We ran our 12th retreat in Loch Katrine at the start of this month:
 Thanks to all the lovely ladies who joined us, it was a wonderful group and  joy to be in Stronachlacher again.The sun shone for us on the Sunday allowing us to get out and about and to take in the awesome scenery of the Trossachs.

My students will be excited to hear that I am about to get a new heating system installed at the Yoga Room.. This will be a real treat for my regulars who have been through a number of cold winters in the Yoga Room. Thanks to everyone for bearing with me over the past 6 years (can you believe the YR has been going that long?!). The new heaters will be in by the weekend and we will all be able to all enjoy the luxury of a timer and thermostat!

I am going to make an effort to update my blog every month at least.. I have a reminder on my phone for mid December, so keep checking for updates!

Ro x

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keeping it simple

Once again, there has been a huge gap since my last entry. Life has been so full that I rarely have any 'me' time these days and I if I get a moment on my computer, it's usually time spent catching up on admin.

I have been indulging in lots of festival events - most of them kiddie centred. I have also been teaching lunch - time Festival classes at the Yoga Room which has been an absolute joy.... The Edinburgh festival is an awesome event and I love the quirky and interesting people that it brings to the city.

It has been fantastic returning to this wonderful city and living directly opposite the Yoga Room has been great for my business. I often pop in to sweep the floor or do a practice ( when Molly allows this!) and I love the fact that I don't have to spend half the day travelling to get there.

Keeping it simple has been a valuable lesson for the Morris family and one that we are going to take forward... we now plan to move to the Edinburgh area, so that we can keep things easy. I didn't realise how much of a juggle it would be to run the business and be a mum and I am excited that we are going to take the step of having a permanent residence in this wonderful and diverse city. We just have to sell our house in Dunblane- easier said than done in the current market. Watch this space.

This summer has been a busy one for the YR and i am enjoying every second of teaching; it grounds me and and, gives me a bit of 'me' time. It is amazing how much of yourself can be lost when you become a mum. I embrace every joyful second on my mat now and appreciate the quiet space all the more since having Molly.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Yoga mama

Another period of change for the Morris family.

Sadly, our wonderful kitty cat was killed in a hit and run last month. It was a difficult time for us all and I still can't believe he is gone.
We moved house last week which has meant a new start for us all. Simba (our other cat) has had to quickly adapt to losing his brother and moving in a very short space of time. He is doing well considering and thankfully, he seems to be able to go with the flow. A lesson we could all learn....

Molly seems pretty out of sorts and has suddenly become very clingy. To the point where I can barely leave the room without her attached to my leg!..... She is now 10 months old which is apparently the age where babies experience separation anxiety. This, coupled with the move has been quite discombobulating for her.

On a brighter note, I have loved moving back to Edinburgh! I am excited about being closer to the Yoga Room and am looking forward to getting some day-time classes up and running in time.

My yoga practice has suffered with the move and I am now paying someone to look after Molly whilst I do a practice in the studio. An expensive practice, but so worth it!!

I will keep you all posted on the new classes afoot. I have just done a training in baby yoga, so I will be teaching that in due course. It is Molly's 1st birthday in June, so we have a party penciled in for the 8th June. Save the date!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Back to work

Another 6 weeks have flown in since I last wrote my blog. 
It's been a time of change for us all as I went back to work in January. 
I was full of trepidation leaving Molly for two nights a week and was unsure as to how she would react to 7 mummy - free hours a day. I needn't have worried, she barely noticed my absence 
and  her two carers (my mum and Andy) are having a ball looking after her. 
The Yoga Room has flourished  in my absence and I have absolutely loved going back. The
 business has certainly  been well looked after, thank you Stacey, Jo and Yvonne! 
My yoga practice has been on a long and difficult journey since my pregnancy and birth of Molly. 
I always do my yoga when Molly naps. Mostly this is for an hour,  occasionally less. This has 
become an important and central focus to my day and I am disappointed when her nap is short and she wakes up prematurely. 
I have  gone through periods of sheer exhaustion and days where i have dragged myself to the mat. I am now delighted to see that my energy has returned and I can embrace this wonderful 
practice once again. 
I stepped things up a gear recently and have been practising second series.   My body 
remembers the poses, my  bandhas are strong again and my back  has loosened off. It has 
taken me 8 months to get back to this place . Eight months of laborious, patient  primary series. The progression has been painstakingly slow and frustrating, but I suddenly feel that I am 
reaping the benefits of my efforts. 
The ashtanga practice is truly awesome.... I feel like I have rediscovered an important part of 
myself and I am excited to see glimmers of my previous physical ability, 
We have 10 weeks remaining of our lease in Glasgow and our plan is to move back to 
Edinburgh. Andy has managed to convince his work to give him a couple of Edinburgh work 
days and I am looking forward to returning to my wonderful community of friends and students at the Yoga Room. 
My mum has bonded so strongly with Molly and it  will be a sore one to see us go, but we are only 50 minutes  away and I am going to enjoy less stress as i will be working and living in the 
same city for the first time in 3 years,  I won't know myself! 

 Molly just gets cuter every day...................................................................................

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Molly's 1st Christmas

It's been a busy couple of months and I haven't written an entry for some time.... 
Molly's 1st Christmas was a hectic affair. Twelve family members were squeezed around our kitchen table whilst Andy and I cooked up a storm. Tensions were running high at the start of the day when we realised that we didn't have enough crockery and pans. Everyone pulled together though and by the late afternoon we were more relaxed as we settled into a night of playing games. 

Molly was full of beans and totally over-stimulated by the end of the day meaning she was up all through the night... 
I haven't slept properly now for 7 months. A friend of mine wisely said that it is the sleep deprivation that gets you in the end. Too true . Most days are spent in a confused and foggy haze. I am currently up every hour from 3am with Molly, she then wakes up at 5.45am and is full of beans. She certainly has a lot of energy. 
Andy is currently away on a ski holiday for a week and I am experiencing the full force of Molly's energy as a lone parent. Thankfully my folks have let me move in with them for the week to ease the strain. The week has gone from being stressful to restful. My mum has been amazing support and I am very much enjoying having my dinner made and my clothes washed, I might just move in permanently! 
I am returning to work on Tuesday next week and am feeling torn emotionally. I am looking forward to getting back to my work and my practice, but it'll be hard to leave wee Molly. This is where the real yoga practice begins....
Ro xx