Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spreading the joy of Ashtanga!

It's been busy times for the Morris family! I have had the busiest term EVER seen at the Yoga Room and I have also started teaching a class in Dunblane. This class has been a wonderful experience... I had thought that starting out would be hard, but Dunblane seems to be a hive of fit mothers looking for a way to de -stress and keep in shape. A perfect target market for Ashtanga yoga!
I love sharing this practice, it is so rewarding watching people reconnect with their bodies. I have had some lovely feedback from this beginners class and I am hoping to develop my teaching practice here in due course.
Life never seems to sit still and I have been connecting with my practice dutifully every day to help combat the affects of stress. With my life as a busy working mother, I feel as though I need the practice more and more and I am grateful that Molly naps for two hours plus at the moment! Plenty of time to practice and to do the laundry... After the ecstasy comes the hum drum of daily life.
Thank you all for booking at the Yoga Room again and thanks to all the lovely ladies in my Dunblane class... Your commitment has brought the joy of teaching into my life. Thank you thank you xx