Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Yoga Room is seven !

I can't believe it's August already and  we see another return to festival madness as the tourists descend on Edinburgh. There are lunch time festival classes running 3 days a week again at the Yoga Room.

Sadly, due to my crazy work/life balance I am unable to be part of the proceedings this year. Looking after a toddler, running a business and doing a commute whilst 23 weeks pregnant is all starting to take its toll and I'm trying to cut back and to do less.

I will be taking my mat leave at the end of this term and will be glad to have one less ball to juggle for the next year anyway.

I have been doing a very slow and lethargic practice most days, one that is a world away from my practice during my pregnancy with Molly. Primarily, this is because i am so busy and secondly because i rarely have the energy to do more than the 1st half of the primary series. I am also a lot bigger and heavier than I was with Molly and  of course I'm not using udiyana, Ashtanga just doesn't feel wholly appropriate.

Pregnancy really is a time of letting go, thankfully I am happy and safe in the knowledge that it will all return in time.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to come to my classes! I almost forget to mention that the Yoga Room is 7... What an amazing journey running this business has been. I have met some wonderful people through my love of yoga and I hope the studio continues to blossom and grow.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy birthday Miss Molly

Molly is 2 today and we are taking her to Blairdrummond Safari park as the weather is glorious in here...

Other news:

We started this month by sharing our joyous news that I am pregnant and expecting in November.

I have been exhausted and have battled morning sickness, but am now over the worst of it at 15 weeks pregnant.

Although excited, I am also sad to be putting my Ashtanga practice on hold again for several months.

I know that some women continue with a dynamic practice throughout their pregnancy, but for me I feel that it's a wonderful opportunity to slow down, tune in to my body and to enjoy a different experience of yoga.

I know that this precious time of nurturing my unborn child will pass very quickly and before I know it I will be back flying through second series. So, patience is the key here.

I am now planning my maternity leave and have a host of exciting teachers set up to cover when I am away. I am yet to confirm a couple of them, so I won't spill the beans yet!

I can announce that Lucy Scott will be teaching a workshop on the 18th and 19th October. The workshop is almost full, so for anyone who wants to get the benefit of Lucy's vast experience of yoga, please book soon.

Sadly, Stacey has had to rush off to the states to look after her dad who is extremely ill. Hopefully she will return soon, she will be be sorely missed.
Jane will be covering her classes for the next few weeks. You can read more about her on my website...

The new summer term starts in 3 weeks and I know that we are all hoping that the sun will shine. Yoga in the heat is the best way to practice! Indian style....

Ro x

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spreading the joy of Ashtanga!

It's been busy times for the Morris family! I have had the busiest term EVER seen at the Yoga Room and I have also started teaching a class in Dunblane. This class has been a wonderful experience... I had thought that starting out would be hard, but Dunblane seems to be a hive of fit mothers looking for a way to de -stress and keep in shape. A perfect target market for Ashtanga yoga!
I love sharing this practice, it is so rewarding watching people reconnect with their bodies. I have had some lovely feedback from this beginners class and I am hoping to develop my teaching practice here in due course.
Life never seems to sit still and I have been connecting with my practice dutifully every day to help combat the affects of stress. With my life as a busy working mother, I feel as though I need the practice more and more and I am grateful that Molly naps for two hours plus at the moment! Plenty of time to practice and to do the laundry... After the ecstasy comes the hum drum of daily life.
Thank you all for booking at the Yoga Room again and thanks to all the lovely ladies in my Dunblane class... Your commitment has brought the joy of teaching into my life. Thank you thank you xx