Friday, February 15, 2013

Back to work

Another 6 weeks have flown in since I last wrote my blog. 
It's been a time of change for us all as I went back to work in January. 
I was full of trepidation leaving Molly for two nights a week and was unsure as to how she would react to 7 mummy - free hours a day. I needn't have worried, she barely noticed my absence 
and  her two carers (my mum and Andy) are having a ball looking after her. 
The Yoga Room has flourished  in my absence and I have absolutely loved going back. The
 business has certainly  been well looked after, thank you Stacey, Jo and Yvonne! 
My yoga practice has been on a long and difficult journey since my pregnancy and birth of Molly. 
I always do my yoga when Molly naps. Mostly this is for an hour,  occasionally less. This has 
become an important and central focus to my day and I am disappointed when her nap is short and she wakes up prematurely. 
I have  gone through periods of sheer exhaustion and days where i have dragged myself to the mat. I am now delighted to see that my energy has returned and I can embrace this wonderful 
practice once again. 
I stepped things up a gear recently and have been practising second series.   My body 
remembers the poses, my  bandhas are strong again and my back  has loosened off. It has 
taken me 8 months to get back to this place . Eight months of laborious, patient  primary series. The progression has been painstakingly slow and frustrating, but I suddenly feel that I am 
reaping the benefits of my efforts. 
The ashtanga practice is truly awesome.... I feel like I have rediscovered an important part of 
myself and I am excited to see glimmers of my previous physical ability, 
We have 10 weeks remaining of our lease in Glasgow and our plan is to move back to 
Edinburgh. Andy has managed to convince his work to give him a couple of Edinburgh work 
days and I am looking forward to returning to my wonderful community of friends and students at the Yoga Room. 
My mum has bonded so strongly with Molly and it  will be a sore one to see us go, but we are only 50 minutes  away and I am going to enjoy less stress as i will be working and living in the 
same city for the first time in 3 years,  I won't know myself! 

 Molly just gets cuter every day...................................................................................