Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Yoga Room is seven !

I can't believe it's August already and  we see another return to festival madness as the tourists descend on Edinburgh. There are lunch time festival classes running 3 days a week again at the Yoga Room.

Sadly, due to my crazy work/life balance I am unable to be part of the proceedings this year. Looking after a toddler, running a business and doing a commute whilst 23 weeks pregnant is all starting to take its toll and I'm trying to cut back and to do less.

I will be taking my mat leave at the end of this term and will be glad to have one less ball to juggle for the next year anyway.

I have been doing a very slow and lethargic practice most days, one that is a world away from my practice during my pregnancy with Molly. Primarily, this is because i am so busy and secondly because i rarely have the energy to do more than the 1st half of the primary series. I am also a lot bigger and heavier than I was with Molly and  of course I'm not using udiyana, Ashtanga just doesn't feel wholly appropriate.

Pregnancy really is a time of letting go, thankfully I am happy and safe in the knowledge that it will all return in time.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to come to my classes! I almost forget to mention that the Yoga Room is 7... What an amazing journey running this business has been. I have met some wonderful people through my love of yoga and I hope the studio continues to blossom and grow.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!