Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I turned the grand old age of 34 on Sunday and was whisked off to the Highlands for the weekend.

After a wonderful day in Oban and a night in a fantastic hotel, we were awoken at 6.30am on Sunday morning. Bear in mind, also that the clocks were put forward one hour, so it was actually 5.30am! Happy birthday to me!

This early start was all in a good cause; we were doing a ‘Sea-fari’ trip to look at the whirlpools of Corryvreckan. Sadly, we didn’t see any proper whirlpools, but we had a very exciting high-speed boat experience. We also got very wet and cold in the process. I was pleased to reach dry land and to warm up. Several cups of hot tea later, I was ready for activity two; walking a section of the Kintyre way. Although I was tired from the day’s exertion, we managed half of the planned venture before turning back. It was here that we were met by the two wee fellas in the picture. I stumbled in to my mums caravan that evening and slept for 10 hours on Sunday evening!

I am feeling well refreshed today from the country air and weekend off work and my practice this morning was glorious. Two others joined me and I would like to reiterate what I have said to my clients before…. The studio is now open for Ro-yoga clients from 8am – 10.30 ( ish) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for self practice. Please join me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I spent the weekend teaching in the ‘Granite city’ of Aberdeen. Thanks to a noisy neighbor at the hotel I was staying at, I had a restless night. After approximately four hours sleep I wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders!

I can, however survive on very little sleep. I found a reserve of energy to guide the group through a bandha workhop; looking specifically at: jump-ups, the jump- through and handstands.

They were a lovely and very fun group to work with; full of life and up for anything! I left feeling utterly inspired by the wonderful hospitality shown and also by the fact that this amazing practice is now so universal and fast becoming so accessible to all. When I started twelve years ago it wasn’t nearly as wide spread and it is wonderful that so many places like ‘the Spot’ are opening to share the beauty of this practice with all.

The studio reminds me very much of what I have created at he Yoga Room; a space that is small and friendly and has a sense of intimacy that you rarely find in yoga centres these days. Sadly, so many places have become hugely commercial, teaching huge classes meaning that very often the integrity of the teaching is compromised.

Congratulations to Gill for cultivating this wonderful studio and I do hope to return very soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

New term

The new spring block starts this evening and it is heartening to see that, in difficult times, all classes are extremely busy. Apologies to those of you that couldn’t get in for your class of choice; you need to be quick of the mark for most of the classes.

It seems that the popularity of yoga in the midst of a recession is just set to grow. I am sure that people are fed up with extortionate gym memberships and the monotony of the treadmill.

I have just read an article in the Wall SJ which outlines the increase of yoga amongst city executives as a means to manage stress. It is enlightening to see that all types of people are turning to yoga in a bid to combat their stressful lives in the 21st century.

The fact that you are reading this means you already know of the benefits of yoga and as such are better equipped to handle stressful situations .Congratulations!

Om Shanti

Ro x

Monday, March 9, 2009

I have just returned from an extremely tranquil weekend at Loch Katrine.

The group was a lovely combination of people who all bonded extremely well.

Layla (my chef) surpassed herself with the cooking, creating hearty and warming curry and to die-for coconut bananas. I also had a Body worker present, who delighted all with the experience of Chavutti Thirumal (an Indian oil based foot walking massage).

Three hours of yoga practice on Saturday ensured that everyone was sleepy yet relaxed and ready to cosy-up by the log-burning fire.

We awoke to a winter wonder-land on Sunday and had just enough time to do a final yoga practice and a walk in the snow covered hills.

Andy and I were lucky enough to have another night at the house and we left early this morning to ensure that Andy get back on time for work in Glasgow. After the peace and calm of beautiful Stronachlachar, my senses feel somewhat disturbed by my return to the bustle of the city.

I am already planning the next trip in November!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have been back on Scottish soil for 3 weeks now and I have to say that the culture shock on my return to the Scottish winter was acute after the heat and colour of India. I was immediately struck down with a cold and am still suffering with a tiring nasal drip. Thankfully, I purchased a neti pot in India and have been using it religiously to relieve the symptoms of my cold.

For those of you that don’t know what this is, let me enlighten you:
Jalaneti (the full name for the practice) has been practiced by Yogis for many thousands of years. It is an extremely powerful cleansing tool and can help relieve sinus infections, colds, hay fever and allergies, coughs, postnasal drips etc. You can buy your neti from most Yoga store suppliers. It is a small watering can-shaped pot. Fill the pot with warm saline solution, and then pour the spout of the pot into one nostril. The head should be adjusted and the back of the throat softened so that the water can flow out of the other nostril. This will irrigate and cleanse the nasal wall. It is a simple but very effective technique that can be practiced regularly. It does make quite a mess, so is best done in the shower in private!