Monday, February 13, 2012

Static caravan

Andy and I spent Sunday looking at static caravans in Argyll.

We looked at two sites; one was heavily populated and had all facilities, a pool, an ice skating rink, gym etc. To be honest, this is not our bag at all and we ran from this one screaming!
The other was a more remote and wild. The view over Loch Fyne sold it to us and although we haven't made our final decision on it yet, I think we are both pretty much set on the purchase.

We have decided to rent our house in Dunblane out as well, so that we can be closer to my mum in Glasgow. This move is really bourne out of practical reasons and though I am sad at the prospect of leaving Dunblane, it is a measure that will relieve a lot of stress for us. It will also mean that we are closer to our holiday home on Loch Fyne!

I have now sourced all my maternity cover at the Yoga Room and am very relieved to have found some amazing teachers to fill my shoes - more information to follow very soon.

I have also set up some workshops with a couple of amazing teachers over the summer : Luke Jordan and also the return of Edward Clark from Tripsichore yoga

More to follow on all this!
Love to you all,

Ro x