Monday, July 26, 2010

Final Chavutti Thirumal course

I have been very slack in keeping my blog up to date ... apologies to anyone who has been awaiting a new instalment!

I have been super busy practising for my Chavutti massage course. Thanks to all of the willing bodies that have lain under my feet and have allowed me to walk on them!

We completed the course this weekend and what a journey it has been for all of us. The schedule was very intensive and I can't believe how hard we have all worked. In addition to my full time schedule of teaching classes and privates, I have found the work - load to be slightly overwhelming. However, with the course complete, I am now looking forward to doing my case studies and getting the ropes up in the Yoga Room so that I can practice massage professionally in addition to my privates etc. I am now seeking bodies to be case studies, so please let me know if you are available during the day to be pampered for a couple of hours.......

There are only 3 weeks left of this block and then there is a closure for 2 weeks, from the 17th August. Don't forget my party on the 14th August as well. The Yoga room is now 3 years old! The party will be another opportunity to meet up with fellow Yogis to have a drink and a blether. Everyone is welcome and please bring all of your pals too!

During the closure, I will be coming in sporadically to do my own practice so please let me know if you are around during the day I would love to have some practice buddies, it can get a little lonely doing practice on my own every day.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer and please let me know if you would like to offer yourself as a model!

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