Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New term

The new tern at the Yoga Room has been as busy as ever and I am excited to see new faces and some old students returning.

I have been enjoying the country life once more after a terrible winter of commuting with cancellations and delays galore! I wrote a letter of complaint to Scotrail and was given a paltry £9.00 for a flood on the line that delayed my journey by 3 hours and cost me £50.00 in a taxi!
I am so happy to see the service settle down and return to normal. I plan to spend next winter in India with Sharath to escape the dark and cold of Scotland and to avoid the terrible travelling conditions.

I am feeling the need for a good Teacher at the moment. I have been practicing on my own for some time now and I need to be inspired. There are only a handful of Teachers that I rate highly and that I have been fortunate enough to study with over the years. Unfortunately, these teachers are all in far - flung corners of the world - perhaps a trip to Hawaii is on the cards!

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