Monday, August 29, 2011

A very happy holiday

Andy and I spent a glorious 6 days in the South of France for our holidays.

They were experiencing a heat wave ( 36 degrees + for the duration). It was unbearably hot some days: almost too hot to practice. However, I am so committed to the cause that I did manage two very sweaty full primary series practices in the week.

We stayed at my auntie's villa in Carcasonne for 4 days and then on to Antibes to stay with my lovely friend Felicity. Andy and I laughed a lot and ate a lot and tasted the wine of the region!
I am ready to get back into my routine now. I am heading to the gym and then my studio for a lovely cool practice this afternoon. I have been feeling very cold and grumpy since my return. It is amazing how the sunshine lifts your spirits. I am sure that once I get back to my studio and my wonderful clients, my spirits will soar!

We left our kitties in the capable hands of Auntie Joan and they were very happy to see us. All seemed well on the surface... on closer inspection I found that they has peed all over the kitchen curtains! I have now removed 3 pairs of curtains. These will not be replaced until the little darlings are able to do their toilet outdoors.

I look forward to welcoming you all back tonight....
R xx

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  1. It must be a shock coming back to Scotland after that heat!