Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A wonderful winter weekend

Andy and I spent the weekend in the wilderness that is Carrour. This one-house community is surrounded by the most fantastic scenery and I was utterly over-awed by it all.

There is one train per day and no mobile phone reception. It is the perfect location to retreat and to get away from it all.

We met up with Andy's brother for a traditional Xmas dinner on the Saturday and then went for a very long and cold walk in thick snow.

We left on Sunday with a cosy glow about us: the hospitality at the Hotel really is second to none. For anyone looking for a retreat from the pre-Xmas madness, I strongly recommend a weekend in Carrour. Just make sure that you check the weather forecast before departure - if the weather is bad, you may find you are stuck there for some time!

Wishing everyone a nice, relaxed festive period!

Ro xx

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