Thursday, November 22, 2012


A tough week.... I was just starting to get my body back and was finding time to practice after tucking Molly into bed at night.

I was just starting to feel my way into second series again and to my delight, I accomplished Titibasana into Chataranga  ( as easily as it came to me in the days pre pregnancy!). I was also finding time to do Savasana - a vital pose that has been missed of late so that i can attend to my needy baby.

 Sadly, I have had a recurrent dose of mastitis and have now been ordered to rest fully. No more practice for me. Frustrating, but my body is telling me to surrender.

I am on my 3rd course of antibiotics and am utterly exhausted as Molly was awake every two hours last night needing a feed! Not exactly restful.....

This little being needs me and I have given my body to her so that she can grow healthy and strong. I understand now the sacrifices a mother has to make. 

I miss my teaching practice and my yoga and I miss Edinburgh .....

It will pass,

RO xx

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  1. Hope your mastitis gets better soon. I suppose you only have a finite amount of energy and Molly is taking it all!