Monday, March 1, 2010


The past week has been mad busy! I moved into my future husband's flat on Friday. It took a staggering 12 hours to get my furniture down 3 flights of stairs, packed into the waiting van and then into Andy's flat in Glasgow. I was sad to leave my flat of 5 years, but once all of my belongings were removed, it no longer felt like my place any more. To be honest, I was also slightly relived that I wouldn't have to be the one to give the tatty walls the next lick of paint!

So, I am going to be an intrepid Glasgow commuter for the next wee while. This will mean a fond farewell to the morning yoga practice at the Yoga Room - unless of course I catch the 5am train! Such an early commute is unlikely, so I will be doing an open daily practice at approx 3pm; a much more civilised time for a commute I am sure you will agree. All of my clients are welcome to join me. Just text me for confirmation on the day; 07949266582.

I am currently off for a week, to get settled on the West. Classes will re-start next week and then the new block of classes start on the 29th March. Please sign up on my website; the new details will be on my website in the next couple of days.

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