Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life has been so hectic lately and our weekends are fully scheduled up to Xmas and beyond!

November got off to a bad start with my mother falling and breaking her leg in my kitchen. She was rushed to hospital and kept in for 3 nights. She departed with a full stookie and a set of crutches. I wish her a fast recovery.

We all indulged in a little early Xmas cheer last weekend where my mum hosted 'fake Xmas' from the comfort of her sofa. We sang Karaoke, ate Xmas pud and played parlour games. This early celebration was due to the abscence of 3 of the 4 Warren/Mckenna/Morris sister's this year as we all have plans to head off to sunnier climes. For Andy and myself, this will be our 3 week honeymoon to Thailand.
I have to say, 'Fake Xmas' is the best Xmas that I have ever had! Xmas should come ealy every year, to bring some light and cheer to the darkness of November.

This weekend will be a feast of beautiful food, rest and relaxation as I am running a retreat in Stronachlacher again. Fingers crossed for sunshine (or at the very least, no rain!).
Ro xx

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