Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowed in!

Day 3 of the 'big freeze' and we are now completely snowed in! The novelty is wearing a little thin as it seems that the entire world has stopped for the terrible conditions and all of the roads out of Dunblane are totally impassable. There really is no way out.

Do not fear though, I have managed to get cover for tonight's class and for the remainder of the week if necessary, so all classes will be running as per the schedule.

Andy has had to work from home as well, so are both going a little stir crazy. We have stocked up on soup and dvd's, so at least we are cosy, entertained and well fed. I hope to make a break for it tomorrow, but who knows...... the media seem to be feeding off the hysteria of it and have predicted another week of this.

Whilst it is undeniably difficult, it is also very beautiful out here and the view from my window is picture postcard 'winter wonderland'. The skies are blue today and the sun is splitting the sky. Fingers crossed for a 'big thaw', so that I can get back to the studio and to all of my lovely clients.

Ro xxx

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