Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a girl!

Our baby was born on the 9th June and weighed a perfect 6lb 13oz

She is now a week old and the past 7 days have been full of heightened emotion, utter exhaustion, complete elation, contentedness, sore nipples and of course, the one they warn you all about: no sleep!

Despite the sore nipples and the lack of sleep, I am in good health and healing well. 

Molly now weighs more than her birth weight and is eating vociferously. I am spending hours on the sofa feeding and enjoying this wonderful bonding experience with my wee one. It is exhausting though and I have barely left the house in the past 9 days. 

Andy has been strong support throughout the post natal part and also coached me through the 7 hours of labour and birth. We were lucky enough to have a natural birth; an amazing experience for all three of us.

I am looking forward to getting back to my yoga practice in a few weeks and am pleased to be back in my pre pregnancy jeans already! It would appear that the 13 years of yoga have paid off; my strong abdominals have helped to keep the bump nice and compact throughout my 10 months of pregnancy. No stretch marks as well, yipee! 

The Yoga Room continues to thrive without me. I am overjoyed to have left my business in such good hands - especially now when I need strong support around me. 

I have attached some pictures of my beautiful little one. More to follow!

Ro x 

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