Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Molly is now 4.5 weeks old and the weeks really have flown in.  Every day is different on this journey and I have good and bad ones ( depending on how Molly is feeling ). In the main, I am loving spending time with my wee baby and watching her change and grow. 

The relentless rain has been difficult as we have been cooped up n the house some days. On my more intrepid days, we have been getting out to baby and mummy yoga, and baby cinema and the Grosvener in the West end. Getting out is more challenging in this weather, but more important to ensure that I don't go stir crazy!

We are being even more adventurous this weekend and are heading off to our caravan in Argyll. I am excited to be getting out of the city and getting some quality family time. Andy is off on Monday as well, so I have help wit the wee bub for the entire 3 days - luxury!

I am going to get back into my Ashtanga this week and hope to do some very gentle practice. A friend of mine said that her milk supply dried up as she started doing a strong Ashtanga practice 3 weeks after the birth of her child, so I am going to tread carefully... I am so enjoying breast feeding and would hate to jeopardize this.

I have attached lots of pictures of wee Molly. My dad was up from Wales last weekend, which was a real treat.I have added a shot of him, the proud Grandparent!

Exhausted after a night of wriggling 
Molly's 1st smoothie!
I surrender!
Ro x

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  1. Love the pic 'exhausted after a night of wriggling' -she certainly looks good in pink!