Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another active weekend

The Friday Yoga Room class was subbed by my very capable cover teacher Polly whilst I took part in a Vegetarian cookery class in Glasgow. It was so refreshing to be the student and to be learning something new and different. I enjoyed the class immensely, but I have to say the quantity of food that was cooked and then consumed was excessive and I felt positively portly afterwards!

Sunday was a day of activity; to try and work off some of Friday’s indulgence!

Andy and I attempted the John Buchan way in Peebleshire. The weather was fantastic; it feels like spring is finally here and the hills are bouncing with new born lambs. We broke the back of the walk and did 10 miles in total. Then straight to an Indian restaurant to consume the calories that I had worked so hard to lose.

I am utterly exhausted this week and my practice this morning was more crawling than jumping. So, feet up for me this afternoon to prepare for a night of teaching and jumping around.....

A wee reminder: to anyone attending the Thursday 6pm class this week; it will be at the Yoga Room - not the Drill Hall. See you all there:)

RO x

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