Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I turned the grand old age of 34 on Sunday and was whisked off to the Highlands for the weekend.

After a wonderful day in Oban and a night in a fantastic hotel, we were awoken at 6.30am on Sunday morning. Bear in mind, also that the clocks were put forward one hour, so it was actually 5.30am! Happy birthday to me!

This early start was all in a good cause; we were doing a ‘Sea-fari’ trip to look at the whirlpools of Corryvreckan. Sadly, we didn’t see any proper whirlpools, but we had a very exciting high-speed boat experience. We also got very wet and cold in the process. I was pleased to reach dry land and to warm up. Several cups of hot tea later, I was ready for activity two; walking a section of the Kintyre way. Although I was tired from the day’s exertion, we managed half of the planned venture before turning back. It was here that we were met by the two wee fellas in the picture. I stumbled in to my mums caravan that evening and slept for 10 hours on Sunday evening!

I am feeling well refreshed today from the country air and weekend off work and my practice this morning was glorious. Two others joined me and I would like to reiterate what I have said to my clients before…. The studio is now open for Ro-yoga clients from 8am – 10.30 ( ish) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for self practice. Please join me!

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