Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The past week has been overshadowed with the fact that I have had a wrist injury. It has been diagnosed as RSI and i have had to pull back and rest it COMPLETELY. So, NO YOGA for eight days now! It has been incredibly frustrating and I am starting to feel like a lazy blob!

I have worked with injury before, and have always practised through it, with an awareness of what my body is telling me to do. Not so this time. I have had to rest up as I can't actually put any weight on my wrist at all. I did a gentle practice last week and ended up straining it in various poses, so have decided to back off completely.

It has been a difficult lesson for me. I am trying to enjoy the rest, but I miss my daily practice. I had some acupunture with my mum yesterday and I am hopeful it has helped - though I am not sure as I am reluctant to put it to the test for fear of further damage.

It has been hard to teach with this going on and I have had to pull back on adjustments in a few poses.

Thank you all for your patience; hopefully I will be back to full strength before the week is out and can give you all the Supta Kurmasana adjustment that I am sure that you have been missing!

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