Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May day weekend

It looks like I have turned a corner with my injury. I felt my thumb 'pop' into place last week. It's not 100% healed, but it is defiantely on the road to recovery. Yipee! This means that at long last I can do a yoga practice.

To ensure complete recovery, I fully rested up over the weekend. There is no better place for r and r than my mothers static caravan near Lochgilphead on the West coast. The van is situated on dramatic coastline overlooking the Isle of Jura. After a few sedate walks and some delicious food, I feel completely relaxed and rested.

There will DEFINATELY be a self practice a.m session at the Yoga Room this Thursday from 8.30am. I am very excited to get back to the mat and hope that some of you will join me!

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