Tuesday, May 12, 2009

After a course of acupuncture, I thought that I had turned a corner with my wrist injury. However, I awoke yesterday with acute pain and felt as if it was back to square one.
Then by last night, the pain had gone. A very changeable injury indeed.

I have been attempting a yoga practice for the past week and have been thwarted every time. I have been unable to do chataranga, so doing Ashtanga has near been close to impossible. It has meant either stopping completely, or modifying everything greatly.
This morning was an exception, I dutifully unrolled my mat and did a pain-free, graceful full primary series practice.

It made me remember why I practice yoga. Getting away from the chaos of the world and moving in to a quiet, calm, and tranquil space is so nurturing and healing. I have so missed it. I sincerely hope that this bizarre injury has gone for good and I will be fit to teach next week in Andalucia.

If you haven't attended class this week, please note that I am away for a week in sunny Spain; teaching a retreat in the mountains.

Have a good week... self practice is the order of the week!

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