Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am just back from teaching a retreat in Andalucia, Spain.

After a week of yoga, sunshine and beautiful food, I am feeling very relaxed and refreshed. It was my 5th year at the same location and it was a wonderful group that converged for the week. We very lucky with the weather and I was actually glad when a storm broke the skies mid week, it was so hot.

The week was also blessed with wonderful food. Christine; the owner of the guest house, surpassed herself with her culinary delights. Every morsel is prepared with so much love and care; her hosting skills really are second to none. I will miss her amazing tapas and her wonderful energy!

I have put my new schedule on the website for the summer block. The Yoga Room will be celebrating its 2nd year of business. Please see my letter on the homepage for further details of my new schedule and party.

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