Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad news on my sisters ankle..... with only 3 weeks until her big day, it would appear that it is broken! It is full steam ahead with all the plans regardless and we have all been thinking of ways to dress up the knee-high plaster to match the dress. The honeymoon and hen night have been postponed until she is back on her feet. Sarah is on good form though and is amazingly upbeat and positive. I am sure it will make great material for the speeches on the day if nothing else!

I had a very busy social calendar this weekend, consisting of; a 30th party, a family barbie and a meal with the Friday night yoga class. Sunday was spent walking up Conic hill by Balmaha to get some fresh air in the lungs and to get out of the city. We have been looking at moving to somewhere within commuting distance to Edinburgh and Glasgow. I long for the day when we finally head for the hills and can wake up to the sound of birds singing rather than the sound of tram works!

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