Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have been back on Scottish soil for 3 weeks now and I have to say that the culture shock on my return to the Scottish winter was acute after the heat and colour of India. I was immediately struck down with a cold and am still suffering with a tiring nasal drip. Thankfully, I purchased a neti pot in India and have been using it religiously to relieve the symptoms of my cold.

For those of you that don’t know what this is, let me enlighten you:
Jalaneti (the full name for the practice) has been practiced by Yogis for many thousands of years. It is an extremely powerful cleansing tool and can help relieve sinus infections, colds, hay fever and allergies, coughs, postnasal drips etc. You can buy your neti from most Yoga store suppliers. It is a small watering can-shaped pot. Fill the pot with warm saline solution, and then pour the spout of the pot into one nostril. The head should be adjusted and the back of the throat softened so that the water can flow out of the other nostril. This will irrigate and cleanse the nasal wall. It is a simple but very effective technique that can be practiced regularly. It does make quite a mess, so is best done in the shower in private!

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  1. That neti pot sounds like hard work - I am happy with vitamin C - less demanding and seems to work for me. 1 day off ill in 11 years of working. Having watched 'Slumdog Millionaire' last week I can see why it is a culture shock for you coming back.