Monday, March 16, 2009

New term

The new spring block starts this evening and it is heartening to see that, in difficult times, all classes are extremely busy. Apologies to those of you that couldn’t get in for your class of choice; you need to be quick of the mark for most of the classes.

It seems that the popularity of yoga in the midst of a recession is just set to grow. I am sure that people are fed up with extortionate gym memberships and the monotony of the treadmill.

I have just read an article in the Wall SJ which outlines the increase of yoga amongst city executives as a means to manage stress. It is enlightening to see that all types of people are turning to yoga in a bid to combat their stressful lives in the 21st century.

The fact that you are reading this means you already know of the benefits of yoga and as such are better equipped to handle stressful situations .Congratulations!

Om Shanti

Ro x

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  1. Well done Rowena, it is good to see that your classes are excessively popular. Long may it continue!