Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I spent the weekend teaching in the ‘Granite city’ of Aberdeen. Thanks to a noisy neighbor at the hotel I was staying at, I had a restless night. After approximately four hours sleep I wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders!

I can, however survive on very little sleep. I found a reserve of energy to guide the group through a bandha workhop; looking specifically at: jump-ups, the jump- through and handstands.

They were a lovely and very fun group to work with; full of life and up for anything! I left feeling utterly inspired by the wonderful hospitality shown and also by the fact that this amazing practice is now so universal and fast becoming so accessible to all. When I started twelve years ago it wasn’t nearly as wide spread and it is wonderful that so many places like ‘the Spot’ are opening to share the beauty of this practice with all.

The studio reminds me very much of what I have created at he Yoga Room; a space that is small and friendly and has a sense of intimacy that you rarely find in yoga centres these days. Sadly, so many places have become hugely commercial, teaching huge classes meaning that very often the integrity of the teaching is compromised.

Congratulations to Gill for cultivating this wonderful studio and I do hope to return very soon!

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