Friday, January 16, 2009

Andy left me yesterday and there is now a huge void in my routine. My apartment is extremely quiet and I feel quite lost without him.

Yoga was difficult because I hadn’t slept well….. a mosquito has invaded my sleeping quarters and spent the night trying to tunnel its’ way into my ear. This coupled with an aching shoulder made for a restless night

So, in all I am not in the best place today. A long sleep this afternoon will do me the world of good and perhaps a massage.

I am also feeling slightly perturbed at the thought of having to make such a fierce effort to do everything on my own now. Andy has been such a support here. I have traveled to India many times on my own and hadn’t realized until this trip how much easier it is to travel with a man. Men receive so much respect here from the locals and it was wonderful to give him full responsibility of our money and any discussions re accommodation, travel etc.

Oh well, just a period of transition I guess. I will get used to it soon enough.......

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