Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday… a day off! I slept for India last night, waking at 8am after a record 10 hours! After my previous restless night I was so glad of the rest.

As predicted, yesterday was exhausting mainly because I now have to branch out on my own and chat to people. It is so easy when you are part of a couple and you can be lazy and chat to one another. I felt as though it was my first day at school and I was trying to ‘make friends’.

There is certainly an abundance of people here to talk to; the difficulty is discerning who you are likely to have anything in common with.

I met my friend Chris from Edinburgh this afternoon and we went for some pampering and massage at the Windflower Spa. My hot stone massage was scalding, I was covered in burn marks directly after ( is this supposed to happen?!), but feel very relaxed now.

And so another day draws to a close.

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