Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am starting to get very frustrated with this place. Little things are starting to irk.

I have had a number of bad experiences in the past few days with rickshaw drivers where they have tried to take more money than the journey is actually worth. Another stunt that they like to pull is to say that the meter isn't working when it quite clearly is. My Landlord has also ripped me off, so I am feeling very disheartened in general. So many people are on the take here and it requires so much energy to fight them off. It was also incredibly hot today which didn't help, todays temperature was 35 degrees! The Yoga Shala walls were dripping with sweat this morning and I was soaked through by the end of practice.

On a happier note, my painting is almost finished! I had to put in a double shift and will have to do the same tomorrow. Hope to have it finished by tomorrow and will send it away to be framed. Very excited; it looks beautiful.

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