Friday, January 23, 2009

I feel like I am over the worst of my illness…. It seems that first aid kit did its job.

I felt well enough to do practice again this morning – a led primary class that helped me to sweat out the last of this evil virus.

I went to get my brows shaped this afternoon; the cheapest threading I have ever experienced at approx 20p! She was deft and very well practice with the cotton and gave me the best finish I have ever had. Treatments here can be a bit hit or miss here. I had an oil massage the other day that made me so repulsively greasy, I felt as though I had been steeped in the deep fat fryer for hours.

My art teacher has moved me on to painting with a brush. I was excited at the prospect of progressing from endlessly sketching hands. Much to my disappointment, I realized that the next step is to outline the hands that I have drawn with paint. I sincerely hope that we move to the main piece of artwork soon… I see now what he meant by ‘meditation’. This painting practice definitely requires focus, a capability to be in the moment and an ability to not get too attached to the end result!

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