Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is amazing how quickly one becomes accustomed to ones surroundings. The apartment that I am staying in is ‘functional’ and no more. The shower is warm with a low pressure; the bed is hard, the walls dirty and cracked. But, for my time here it is home and it has become a little haven for me – an escape from the rigours of Mysore.

Unfortunately I was forced away from comfort and familiarity, to do battle with town to purchase an adaptor today. The centre of Mysore is dirty, hot and polluted with smoke billowing from exhausts and a constant noise of horns tooting and hawkers harassing you.

Mission accomplished, I was thankful to retreat to the relative peace and quiet of Gokulum. The pollution definitely hasn’t helped my cold any and I am still blocked and nasally.

My painting class with Anand was productive. Seems I am ready to graduate from sketching hands to drawing feet! He seems pleased with my progress and I was rewarded with a promise that we will move on to the main event on Monday – at last, I will be creating the classical Mysore piece of artwork - hooray!

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