Monday, January 26, 2009

I was kept awake last night by dogs howling in the street, and then the eerie sound of the local mosque doing prayers in the wee small hours. Luckily it is a moon day so no yoga and a good long-lie in :)

I commenced the final leg of my painting class this morning. At last, the main event; the final piece of artwork. After 10 days of sketching it is time to culminate all of the skills that I have acquired

I have chosen Laxmi – the Goddess of good fortune for my final piece. After outlining the picture, the traditional technique is to attach pure gold paper to the canvas with glue to create a gold leaf effect; a laborious technique that could take me some time. After two hours of fiddling I have almost completed a square inch of the entire picture. I only have 5 days before departure so I am hoping that it will be done by then…….

I am feeling ready for my departure on Saturday. I have enjoyed my time here, but as always India has been hard work and I am sick of eating curry. I am bound for Goa for a week and am looking forward to some beach time and some Western food!

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